• PLC Based Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Variable Speed Drive / VFD Programming
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Process Controls
  • Plant Security

PLC Based Systems

We can program your existing hardware to modify the equipment per your needs. We will work with you to design a new system matching existing hardware if required or integrate new hardware to meet the new specifications.

Systems Integration

We have worked with a variety of manufacturers and can set up your controls in order for the entire system to operate in harmony.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Programming

Do you need to control motor speed based on some type of feedback.  Many times motor operated valves can be replaced with a VFD using the existing motor and controlling the speed to maintain the process variable.  For instance air flow for combustion can be adjusted by vary the speed of the fan, resulting in a more cost effective solution.  We also can provide controls for AC motors that may not require a VFD.  There are also many existing systems utilizing DC motors that can benefit from newer controls for better process control.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The window to the process and often times the main control panel is the HMI.  Not only can a variety of pushbuttons, selector switches and indicators be replaced with a well-designed HMI, but changes to the process can be implemented much easier than with hardware solutions.  Historical data can also be captured and plotted over time and viewed remotely from the process using wired or wireless communications.

Process Controls

We can set up multiple control loops to control your equipment.  Simple controllers with extremely accurate proportional, integral & derivative (PID) control can be implemented to give new life to an existing control loop.  Larger systems can be implemented using the advantages of PID controls built into many PLC based systems.

Plant Security

We have developed the specifications, and performed the management and supervision for various plant security systems.  Controlling access with badge readers and monitoring key areas in or around the plant will enhance the security of your site.