Project Scope Writing and Development

From the design basis document to the installation specifications, we provide the documentation to protect you from cost overruns and to maintain project controls.  This is a very important step in controlling project overruns and minimizing the risk of needing additional money before the project is done.

Conceptual Designs

Are you sure it will fit in your existing facility?  Are you sure you will not need additional capital to make changes to your facility?  Let’s lay it out in CAD; so even if we do decide to make some changes, we can see what the impact will be on your project.

Equipment Layout

Do you know how you are going to get to the areas that need serviced and maintained?  Where should you locate your control panels?  Do you need access platforms?  Does it tie into other existing equipment?  We can help look at the layouts and clearances prior to the beginning phases of your installation.