About Project Technologies & Services

Mission Statement

To our clients:

To provide our clients with direct and honest information they need to assist them in making an educated and informed decision regarding their business, and assisting them through the project, as they request, in order to ensure their success.

To our employees:

To provide our employees with a fun and friendly environment that allows opportunity to grow and learn and more importantly to maintain balance with the rest of their life commitments.


To produce strategic value that accelerates customer profitability through collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement.


PTS will be a highly responsive, national provider of project management solutions that produces strategic value to accelerate profitable customer growth through collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement.

Uncommon Promise

Engineered project solutions that produce strategic value to accelerate our clients’ profitable growth.

Core Principles

1. We are committed to the success of our customers, and act with accuracy and urgency to exceed their expectations and to produce strategic value that contributes to their goal achievement.
2. We collaborate to achieve our shared, common goals, and are accountable to one another for doing so.
3. We act with integrity and encourage open, honest dialogue with one another, and with our customers and suppliers.
4. We increase productivity, improve cost-effectiveness, strengthen competitive advantage and accelerate profitability, for our customers and ourselves, by encouraging collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement.
5. We sustain a culture that attracts and retains talented people, enabling them to preserve equilibrium between their professional responsibilities and their personal values.
6. We maintain a safe, healthy and enjoyable working environment.