Engineering Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Our staff of engineers and designers in multiple disciplines can help develop solutions for your facility. Having a design and plan in place before starting a project is instrumental in its success. Some of the engineering services we can provide:


PTS has a experienced Mechanical team that can support multiple industries. We can provide equipment design, equipment integration, mechanical process design, as well as other mechanical engineering needs. Whether its a new process or an upgrade to an existing process, it is important to understand the flow of your process, PTS specializes in Process and Instrumentation Diagrams.

PTS has an experienced Electrical team that can help you better understand your facility. Whether its old single line drawings or inexistent drawings PTS will come on site to trace your wiring and document your facilities electrical gear. Upgrading your facility and need to understand your current and future capacity? PTS can perform capacity studies to see whether you can add new equipment to your facility.

Engineering ServicesPTS has an experienced Civil / Structural team that can help you analysis your designs. We have performed numerous analyses on multiple structural applications. We have multiple Professional Engineers that are able to review the structural analysis of existing and future designs. If you have equipment or structures that have been in service for many years with the original design, call us to analyze the safety concerns that may be persistent.



PTS has an experience Industrial team that can help you become more efficient and productive. We can provide plant & equipment layouts to help create a more efficient throughput. Let us help to evaluate your needs and options.



PTS has extensive experience with combustion upgrades and systems including furnaces and ovens from our years of experience in the Metals industry in both Cleveland, Ohio and nationwide. It is critical that your facility is compliant with NFPA 86 safety standard for ovens and furnaces. PTS offers Combustion Surveys and & Safety Audits to identify and NFPA 86 compliance issues.

PTS has significant experience with OSHA 1910 and OSHA 1926 standards. Whether it’s lifeline engineering and design, OSHA certified anchor calculations, construction tie-offs, equipment specifications, or machine guarding and safety interlocks, we can help you develop solutions that fit your facilities needs.




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